Princess Folaji Fasanya-Omoyeni, is the CEO/Creative Director of her UK based clothing line, FFOLAJI LONDON. Princess Folaji Fasanya-Omoyeni is also the Convener of Women In Creative Enterprise (WICE), an initiative she launched in 2018. Princess Folaji is a qualified Management Consultant, IT Consultant, Business Analyst, Coach, Teacher, Creative Consultant, and Serial Entrepreneur.

Princess Folaji’s fashion brand, FFOLAJI LONDON was coined from her African name ‘Adefolaji’, literally means, ‘Prosperous Royal Beginnings’ in the Yoruba language. As the CEO/Creative Director of her fashion label, Princess Folaji is hands-on at her studio in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom where her creative ideas are brought to life and where her hands would have touched each design in her collection at multiple points in their life cycle. Due to budding creative ideas, Princess Folaji is now adding jewelry making and other accessories to her collection and creates matching, bespoke, statement pieces to complement her designs.

Princess Folaji is the producer of creatively contemporary ethnic designs. Her designs are handmade using predominantly ethnic-inspired fabrics, including batik, tie-dye, and ‘Aso Oke’, a hand-loomed cloth from Nigeria. Princess Folaji encourages women to dress well such that when they show up, they ooze confidence and own their spot. Her clients are from all ethnicities and include top professionals, media personalities, entrepreneurs, and most importantly any international dresser who desires to dress elegantly, look chic, and walk with confidence. Princess Folaji describes her designs as youthful, yet mature.

Within a year of setting up FFOLAJI LONDON, Princess Folaji was selected to showcase her IMAAN collection on the House Of iKons platform, a platform which supports and promotes up and coming brands, during London Fashion Week. This led to a demand for mentorship and support from Princess Folaji by those who aspired to do the same. Thus Women In Creative Enterprise (WICE) was birthed and launched in November 2018.

WICE is a ‘Not For Profit’ support platform that encourages women to explore and showcase their creativity in a safe, friendly, and welcoming environment where they can enhance their skills through the fusion of creative abilities with modern technological advancements and use digital technology to express their creativity.

Through her many WICE projects which include; WICE Convention, WICE Mingle, and WICE Words, Princess Folaji encourages women to explore their creativity and authenticity in a safe and secure environment while feeling connected, supported, courageous, fulfilled, and inspired. Princess Folaji delivers quality events that bring creatives together, empower creative women and girls for success, and encourage them to become value-creating leaders of their communities. Princess Folaji is married and blessed with two sons.

Princess Folaji Fasanya-Omoyeni

CEO/Creative Director

It is Princess Folaji’s strong belief that we are all individuals born with unique talents and creative gifts. She believes that creativity is everywhere and linked to everything we do. It is the power that lies within and women need to start transforming their mindsets. Through creativity, arts, and culture, women can be dedicated to a continuous journey of self-confidence, personal growth, and success.
Princess Folaji believes that when women connect and collaborate via well-planned events, lives are transformed, communities are strengthened and they thrive. For women to each begin to attain equality at the table, leadership and make a difference, we need to continue to empower and inspire them to unleash their inner strength to discover and enrich their creativity because creative women speak words of wisdom and rule the world.
Princess Folaji has participated in many fashion shows, events, and exhibitions and has organized her own events including well-attended conferences that attracted industry doyens and top government officials. Princess Folaji is a well-respected member of her community and due to her hard work, she has featured in local newspapers, online articles, and magazines.

Since setting up her fashion business less than 5 years ago, Princess Folaji has been honoured with many nominations, recognitions, and awards, including the prestigious BEFFTA Award, for her contributions to; the African fashion industry, supporting her community, promoting the African culture, and creativity among women and girls and for inspiring the next generation. These include the following;

➢ 2015: Black African Women Rock Fashion Designer of The Year
➢ 2015: African Entrepreneur Award – Fashion Designer Of The Year
➢ 2015: Milton Keynes Nigerian Community Recognition
➢ 2016: BEFFTA STAR Award – Outstanding Achievement And Recognition In The Fashion Industry
➢ 2016: International Women Of Power – Business Woman Of The Year
➢ 2016: Disabled International Foundation Recognition
➢ 2016: Domestic Violence UK Recognition
➢ 2017: Whole Life Activation Awards Business Woman Of The Year
➢ 2018: Nominee, African Pride Awards, Outstanding Achievement In Fashion
➢ 2018: Winner at Nat West ‘Best Impromptu Speaker’
➢ 2018: MKIAC Recognition
➢ 2018: Show Me Success ‘Best Elevator Speech’
➢ 2019: Woman Of Praise Award
➢ 2020: Women Appreciating Women (WOW)

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