FFOLAJI LONDON is a luxury, multi-award-winning African-inspired, fashion brand that creates classic, well-tailored, ready-to-wear pieces that transcend multiple cultures and go beyond visuals. With clean lines and classic pieces, our collections highlight your personality and tell your own story.
Our unique signature is the ability to mix modern textured materials like embossed fabrics, leather, crepe, sequins and vintage lace with satin or chiffon African prints, popularly known as Ankara or Dutch wax, to create sophisticated and contemporary designs which could vary from girlie to edgy. Since opening our doors, FFOLAJI LONDON has gone from strength to strength and continues to do so.
Our desirable creations are for the international dresser who knows themselves and projects a personal style. They are for the urban, elegant dresser who desires to embrace the totality of their essence with confidence. FFOLAJI LONDON continues to be a trailblazer in the fashion industry.


To craft conversation-starting pieces designed to elevate confidence consciousness in the wearer.
To design well-tailored, classic, stylish, and comfortable outfits and accessories for those who want to look glamorous without losing their individuality.
To promote the African culture through fashion and style by designing bold, sophisticated, contemporary as well as couture pieces mainly by mixing ethnic fabrics and African prints with textured fabrics for those who want to look good and embrace the African heritage in a strong, yet delicate manner.
To design for all those who identify with positive Africa and who appreciate or identify with the rich and diverse culture that African fashion provides.


To offer the best customer service experience and treat both our customers and associates with dignity and respect.


We produce creatively contemporary ethnic designs. Our designs are handmade using predominantly African inspired fabrics, including batik and ‘Aso Oke’, a hand-loomed cloth from Africa.

Our luxurious designs are created employing both personally crafted, one-of-a-kind, custom concept fabrics using luxurious limited edition materials created solely for us by our suppliers as well as commercial fabrics. We engage expert embroiderers and ensure that pieces are of the highest quality. Our embellishments are handcrafted both in-house and by handpicked, outsourced specialists. Our designs are hand made, organic, and cater to women of distinction globally. They are bold, classy and head-turning with their array of vibrant colors and textures.

Our designs are made from a healthy mix of fabrics such as, tribal silk, chiffon, satin, or cotton African print (also known as Ankara, wax prints, or Dutch wax), which we mix with other embossed and textured materials. We love to work with African prints due to their very form, with their soft, colorful, varied, and bold patterns which we use to create a melting pot of Eastern and Western designs with an African twist. As such, no two designs are exactly the same. The patterns of the African prints are bold and colorful and are made mainly from repeated patterns which sometimes tell interesting stories. At FFOLAJI LONDON, we have perfected the art of transforming these prints into current, elegant, and contemporary designs with an ethnic feel.

People of excellence deserve clothing of excellence, so a lot of care and effort is put into making each of our pieces a unique, ‘must-have’ statement piece. We encourage all women to dress well, with taste, class, and elegance. We continue to be in collaboration with many of our clients which is a testament to our team’s hard work and superb craftpersonship.

Our designs continue to be in high demand. Our clients are from all ethnicities and most importantly any woman who desires to dress elegantly, look stylish, and walk with confidence. They include top professionals, career women, media personalities, successful entrepreneurs, public speakers, and media and film personalities who wear and endorse our designs. In one of our creations, be prepared to stand out and discover why at FFOLAJI LONDON, we don’t do ordinary.


The inspiration for our collection is not merely about African fashion. It varies from African geography, its flora and fauna through to its people and culture. We are mostly inspired by strong women, women who desire to break through and jack-hammer the glass ceiling, but most of all we are inspired by our own imagination, inner creativity and we invite you to explore with us.


We source our resources with passion. We aim to use suppliers who demonstrate ethical values and respect for their employees; the universe and its vast resources. We believe that to get the best from the universe, we have to treat it well, so, where possible, we source resources that are environmentally sustainable and organic.
To produce good quality, sustainable, creatively contemporary African inspired fashion that allows our women to look good, elegant, and feel confident while promoting the skills and crafts of our authentic African artisans.